Birdwatching? Why?

It's FUN!
There are big birds, little birds, colourful and dull birds! "Amazing!" You'll exclaim when you meet birds of every variety.

It won't cost you an arm and a leg
Your most expensive equipment: A good pair of binoculars. With that, all you need is a pen, notebook, field guide, hat, comfortable shoes and sometimes, insect repellent and leech socks.

It's healthy
Birding gets you out and about in the great outdoors. When you get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you get rejuvenated with nature's sweet scents, songs and awesome sights. Walking in fresh air and sunshine keeps you healthy.

The search for our feathered friends can lead to the discovery of new places, creatures and plant life. Take Kuala Selangor Nature Park for instance, if you are lucky you may meet an otter or two. Or Fraser's Hill where awesome insects are almost a guarantee!

Nothing like a common passion to bond with others and enjoy each others' company. Birdwatchers happen to make great friends!

Birdwatching provides data. Once you are confident with your bird identification skills, you can provide up-to-date data to conservationists and researchers worldwide. Sharpen your skills so that you can do more. Get Involved!